September 29, 2021

Peter Greene started his business in a Pet Shop Boys, a pet shop in Scarborough.

Now, he has a thriving business selling all sorts of pets, from puppies to kittens.

“When I started this business I never thought I would be in the pet shop business,” he said.

“I was just doing it because I loved dogs.”

He also said it was a good way to pay for college.

“It’s a great way to make money,” he explained.

But Greene said he didn’t have the cash flow for the business.

He had to borrow from friends, friends who worked in the industry, friends at the Pet Shop Boy’s, and eventually, from his own savings.

He borrowed $30,000, which he spent on furniture, equipment and supplies.

“You can get a little bit more money,” Greene explained.

“But it’s kind of like an emergency fund.

It’s not really enough for rent, utilities, stuff like that.”

For Greene, his business is an investment.

“As far as the investment goes, it’s not like I’m making money on it, but it’s the ability to make some kind of profit on it.”

In 2017, Greene bought a $300,000 dog, which is now his second pet.

But he said he will never stop caring for the dog.

“We keep on looking for the perfect home,” Greenee said.

He also plans to have his first two dogs, who he purchased in June 2018, born later this year.

“He’s already going through his puppy phase,” he laughed.

“That’s why I’m trying to give him a chance.

So he’s going to be the best dog he’s ever been, but that’s all I care about.”

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