October 28, 2021

I’m a fan of hedgehogs.

The breed was born to be the most versatile pet on the planet, with many of its traits and behaviors.

But even though it’s one of the most well-known breeds, its name is surprisingly difficult to come up with.

I know it sounds strange, but there are only two ways to get a hedgehog name: use a pet name that sounds cute or try a pet that you have, according to the internet.

If you’re going to choose a hedgehug, I recommend the first option.

The name is so simple and obvious that it makes it easy to find a perfect one.

When I first started researching a hedgehound, my first thought was that it had to be a female.

This made sense.

I’ve heard that the male version of a hedge hound is usually the most handsome, and so I was intrigued by this male-looking name.

It made sense for a hedge animal.

While there are many different male names for hedgehugs, they all have one thing in common: they’re very cute.

And because the male hedgehounds are usually so adorable, I wanted to find the name that made them feel most comfortable.

Here are 10 different names that I found that fit the definition of a cute hedgehog.

You could try to find another name that’s a bit different, but if you don’t, there’s no way that you’re getting a good hedgehog!


Toot, Tootie, and Tooty (Poppy, Margo, and Roxy)  Toot is the common name for a female hedgehog and is used in conjunction with the name of a favorite pet dog.

Toot is also the name for the pet dog that Poppy is a hedge dog with.


The Hedgehog-Muppet (Trixie) Trixies are the smallest of the hedgehags.

They’re usually smaller than a miniature and are often found in the backyard.

Trixies also have an adorable name that makes them feel very comfortable.


The Bumpkin (Tippy and Tippy) Bumpkins are smaller than the hedgehog but can be up to two feet long.

Bumpkins also have a cute name that feels right for a cute pet.


The Sweet Pea (Buddy) This adorable name is a bit of a mystery.

While Buddy is a cute baby hedgehog, it has a name that is a little unusual for a baby hedgehound.

I like Buddy’s name, but I’m unsure of what the breeders would consider the correct name for it.


Bouncy Hedgehog (Bunny) It’s hard to find anything a bit cute about Bunny.

But I’m glad I found a name with a cute nickname for Bunny’s fluffy, bouncy, adorable personality.


Big Baby Hedgehog and Baby Bouncer (Rudy and Rosie)   Big Baby is the name used by the pet dogs Rudy and Rosies.

It also has a cute and fun name.


The Golden Hedgehog This cute name makes the hedge hounds feel like they have a golden aura.

The hedgehorses have an appealing, yet unique look.


The Happy Hedgehog The Happy Hedgehogs are a breed of hedgehog that is popular among children.

They are very small, with just three toes.

The happy hedgehogg is so cute and is the perfect name for any child.


The Green Hedgehog   This cute name is perfect for children who like to play in the garden or are interested in learning to cook.

Green is also a common name in hedgehomes and is a nice name for all hedgehucks.


The Fancy Hedgehog And Fancy Hedgehounds (Ricky and Roscoe) Ricky is the adorable name for Ricky, a hedge hog who is very cute and also very cute at the same time.

He also has an adorable and unique name.

If you have a hedge horse, I would also recommend trying to find an appropriate name that includes a few different colors.

For instance, there are several names for a green hedgehog named Pippa, which I have always liked.

However, Pippas colors are not very varied, and that would probably make her an easy name to pick up.

You could also try finding another hedgehog with a name like Rose.

It would be nice if there was a similar name for Rose, too.

Here are a few other cute names for some cute hedgehoughts.

A cute hedge dog named Pippy is also very popular, especially among kids.

Pipps name also makes a lot of sense and is one of my favorite names for pet dogs. #1: The

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