August 18, 2021

The pet cemetery industry is booming, but the real value in the business is to those who care for the dead, according to a new report by the Pet Cemetery Institute.

In the report, which was released today, the pet cemetery companies said they pay an average of $12,500 a year in premiums for the service they provide, or $2.2 million a year, or roughly two times as much as funeral home owners.

Pet cemetery services are also highly lucrative for those who are in a position to make money.

They are not paid to bury a human, but instead to take care of the living, the report found.

Pet Cemetery Institute chief executive Dr. David Smith said the industry is growing at an impressive rate.

The pet cemetery business, with about $6 billion in annual revenue, is growing by at least 1,000 percent a year since 2004, according the report.

He said pet cemetery services have grown by 10,000% over the last decade, which he attributed to more people caring for the pets that were in their homes.

But, Smith said, the growth is driven by people who want to spend more time with their pets, and less time caring for them.

“There are so many people who have a passion for their pets that the opportunity is there for them to get paid for it, Smith told ABC News.”

It’s a very dynamic business and the pet funeral industry is very vibrant and it’s growing,” he said.”

People want to be with their pet and have their pets buried in the same place that they were born.

I think it’s a great business.

“Pet cemetery companies that are not in the pet industry are able to provide services for pets and people with a physical or emotional condition, and the industry has a growing network of vets and caregivers who specialize in pet funeral services, said Matt McNeil, senior vice president of research and consulting at the Pet cemetery Institute.

There are some pet cemetery associations that have been around for decades, but it is not as widespread as it was 20 years ago, McNeil said.

The report said there are about 1,600 pet cemetery groups in the United States, and they represent a wide variety of people.

McNeil said there is an enormous amount of research being done about the benefits of pet cemetery service, but there is no data on the long-term effects.”

I think there’s a lot of opportunities for us to compete with those,” he told ABC.

McNeil said there is an enormous amount of research being done about the benefits of pet cemetery service, but there is no data on the long-term effects.

Pet owners want their pets to be buried in their own homes, but many people are still afraid to have their dead pets buried, he said, and many pet owners still fear the stigma associated with pet cemetery burial.

Pet burial is not a new trend.

Some funeral homes and pet cemetery operators have been doing it for years, but some pet owners have been hesitant to make the transition because of stigma, Smith added.

In fact, the Pet Graveyard Institute said it has received many letters of support for the pet burial industry, and it was the largest letter it has ever received, at more than 10,600 signatures.

Pet graves can be the best place for pets to go to rest, said McNeil.

Pet death can be painful for the families who care about the deceased, but those who die are also buried, McNeill said.

He noted that pet owners often feel a sense of responsibility for the deceased pets, because it is their pet who died.

“I think it is a great way for families to go out to enjoy the afterlife with their loved ones, and a great opportunity for pet owners to pay tribute to their pets,” McNeil told

“It’s one of those ways to connect with the dead.”

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