July 15, 2021

The mall pet grooming industry has been a hot topic in recent months, with the rise of new pet grooming businesses that cater to mall pet owners and pet-friendly stores opening up in major malls.

Pet grooming business owners say they have been growing at a fast pace in the past few years, with many people choosing to adopt and adopt-to-pets.

“I know it’s going to be an issue.

But it’s a blessing.

It’s really nice to have pets and I’m really glad I got them,” said Dina Yerushalmi, who owns a pet grooming business in the trendy Shiloh section of New York City.

Yerushlmi says her business is one of the first of its kind in the country, and it’s been booming.

In the past, she’d take her own dog in her car to the mall and have her own pet groomer come pick up the grooming job, but now she has two dogs in the car.

“The malls are very crowded and we do have to make sure that there’s plenty of space for people to take their pets,” Yeruhm said.

But while there are still plenty of pet grooming establishments open in malls, there are some pet grooming services that have closed or are not operating in malls anymore, and those services say they’re working hard to make things better for pet owners.

In a report released by the American Pet Products Association in June, the industry said it was committed to making pet grooming more accessible for people of all ages, and that it would be opening new facilities in malls in the future.

“We are actively recruiting for new pet groomers, pet food stores, pet health and pet wellness clinics, and pet groomed-up and pet trained employees to provide services to pet owners in malls,” the APEPA said in the report.

Yarushalmis said she would continue to cater to pet grooming needs of pet owners who are traveling to malls to take a pet with them, and she hopes the pet grooming service will remain open in the near future.

Yamir, who runs a pet food and pet health clinic in the popular New York borough of Queens, says that pet grooming has been an important part of his business.

He said that since he started the business in 2013, the business has grown from 20 to 200 pet grooming jobs, and now has around 50 employees.

“For me, it’s really important for me to be able to keep my staff.

I don’t want to lose them.

So if I can bring more people into the business, I will do that,” Yamir said.

Yumir, however, is skeptical that pet grooming will remain a viable business for pet lovers in the long term.

“People don’t know what they can expect from pet grooming.

We just do what we can to be helpful,” he said.

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