August 4, 2021

“The world is full of things to be happy about, and we all need a little bit of time to take stock of our situation and decide whether or not we can take on a new challenge.

I think a lot of people feel they are not getting a fair shake in their jobs and that is certainly true.

We have the highest unemployment rate in the developed world.

We are also the only advanced economy where people are still working a full-time job.

The only thing that keeps people in their homes is their ability to afford to keep their house.

And that’s going to become more and more difficult over the next few years.”– Former Trump campaign manager and former White House communications director Dan Scavino, at a campaign stop, March 10, 2020.

— “In this age of Trump, Trumpism is alive and well,” Scavinos tells HuffPost, explaining the frustration of the middle class.

“I’m a big fan of the phrase ‘job creation, job growth’ — that’s my favorite phrase to use.

So I guess we’re in a period of job growth right now.

But the problem is, that’s not happening.

In fact, the numbers show that in the last year we’ve seen a very, very weak recovery from the depths of the recession.

I mean, we’re seeing a record number of job losses, and in fact, a record-high number of people who have lost their jobs.

That’s not helping the economy at all.”

— Former Trump aide and Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon, speaking at a rally in South Carolina, June 21, 2020, during a campaign event for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

— Trump’s tax plan would reduce the number of households that would be subject to estate tax.

— A New York Times op-ed in June 2020 wrote that Trump’s plan would create “a class of Americans whose fortunes would be determined by their ability and willingness to pay taxes.”

The paper’s op-eds often focus on how taxes are an unfair burden on the middle and working classes, and the fact that many Americans have “little to no understanding of the complexities of the tax code and how it works.”

— The U.S. economy was “faring worse” under President Barack Obama than under Trump, a former top Obama economic adviser wrote in the Huffington Post.

The op-advice was from former White, State and Treasury Department official Lawrence Summers, and it argued that President Trump’s agenda “would make things worse,” and that the president’s tax plans “would only exacerbate inequality and undermine the social safety net.”

— During a campaign rally, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, speaks at a U.N. climate change summit in Marrakech, Morocco, on Oct. 16, 2020.(AP Photo/Bertrand Langlois) — A CNN op-in in June 2018 called on President Trump to stop his attacks on the news media, calling the attacks “un-American” and “dangerous.”

— A Washington Post op-entry in May 2020 said Trump was not “a credible candidate” for president.

The article said that “despite his campaign promises to ‘drain the swamp’ and bring the lobbyists to heel,’ Trump has repeatedly failed to deliver on these promises and instead has chosen to make his own path in Washington.”

— “Trump is going to be President Trump,” Trump tweeted in April 2020.

“He is the leader.

He is the man.

I know this because I’ve worked for him and for other presidents, including George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon.

The man has his ideas, and he will lead, even if he is not a good leader.”

— Trump tweeted April 6, 2020 that the “resistance is failing” and called for his supporters to “stand up for what they believe in” as the White House debates his health care plan.

— The Washington Post published a piece in February 2020 titled “The White House is making the most of Trump’s illness” that said the White Houses health and wellness program “is not just about Trump.

It is also about all of us.”

The piece said that the administration’s efforts “to help the president stay healthy are the work of a team that is uniquely attuned to his needs.”

— Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said on April 15, 2020 during a conference call that he was “not optimistic” that Trump would be able to “return to his normal state” in the near future, but he did add that the health care bill “has to be something that we all support.”

— Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), during a White House visit to the National Zoo in March 2020, said “I don’t think it’s the most realistic thing to say right now that we need to keep him here for the foreseeable future, because he is ill.”

— U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and President Trump, left, shake hands during a news conference at the White and 2nd floors of the White

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