July 19, 2021

What do you do with a cat that’s been abandoned on a beach?

What if it’s been stranded on a deserted beach?

This is what Pete Strzok did with his best friend, his former partner, and his own cat.

As they were walking through the sand on the beach, Strzoks friend, Matt Baumann, noticed something unusual: the cat was missing its front paws.

“It was missing the front paws,” Strzinskys friend Matt Baumann told CNN, explaining the cat had wandered off into the sand with the front paw still attached.

“Matt was trying to help Pete get to the dog and he kept going and went around the dog, trying to get the dog back.”

Strzinsky then noticed the cat’s back leg sticking out of the sand and began trying to grab it.

“He was trying very hard, trying very, very hard to grab the back leg and get the front leg out,” Bauman said.

“It was a very tight fit.”

After several tries, Strzezok finally got the cat to release the front foot.

The cat was able to get back to Baumann’s side and then Baumann began searching for its front paw.

At first, Baumunns dog was able see the paw sticking out, but when Strzinsky’s friend came back and looked closer, Baumann realized the paw had been pulled away from the cat.

“The front paw is really a really small paw, and it wasn’t very comfortable,” Baumann said.

Strzok was so moved by his friend’s kindness that he wrote a note for Baumann that read, “Your dog did such a wonderful job in saving my cat.

You are a hero and I hope you get to see your cat again.”

Strzezinskies best friend and former partner Baumans reaction to Baumas actions is still on the screen.

Baumand was in shock after the cat came back to him and he was so grateful for Baum’s actions that he told Baumany he wanted to adopt the cat as his own.

“When I read it, I was like, ‘You are a great guy,'” Baumanson told ABC News.

“I would do anything for a cat.

It’s a very special breed and I wanted him to be my best friend.

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