September 28, 2021

A cat who was rescued from a homeless shelter has adopted a human personality.

The animal was brought to the Shelter for Humanity Animal Sanctuary in Atlanta, Georgia, in October 2017, where she lived in an apartment.

Shelter founder, Lisa Linn, told Al Jazeera the cat had been living on the streets of Atlanta for years, and had a “broken” personality.

She said she had previously adopted the cat, and that her first thought when she heard that she was going to adopt a “human” personality was “Oh my God”.

“I was so excited to be able to get this cat out of the shelter,” she said.

“I have a really strong sense of empathy for the homeless.”

Linn said she found out about the adoption via social media.

She described the cat as “a beautiful animal” who is very “happy and loving”.

“She was born with a broken heart, so we wanted to get that fixed,” she explained.

The shelter had a big challenge in getting the cat to adopt its new personality, she said, as the cats’ personalities have been a topic of debate in the shelters for a long time.

“We’ve had people come to us who were in need of cats and said, ‘I just lost a cat and I’ve been looking for someone to adopt her’,” Linn said.

“And we’ve said, what are you going to do with a cat who doesn’t have a soul?'”

She has a soul.

She’s a human.

And we were really lucky that we found the perfect cat to take her in.

“Lenn said the cat has been adopted by her owner.

She hopes the adoption will bring more compassion and understanding to the cat community.”

This cat has a great heart,” Linn explained.”

She is so grateful for this chance to get to know her new family and people who she knows, who she feels safe and comfortable with.

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