August 13, 2021

Pete Lagersstrom’s been in the pet scan business for 20 years.

Now, he’s got his sights set on a different market: the one where the scan takes place. 

Lagersstrom said he’s heard of other scan vendors who scan pets, but he wants to change that.

“I’ve seen other vendors who do this, and they’re just doing it for the money,” he said.

“I’ve always been in this business, so I’m always looking for ways to make my business more efficient.”

The scan business has changed.

Lagersrum said that in the past, pet owners might buy an expensive collar and a scanner and then leave the dog to get scanned.

Now the scanner costs $30, and Lagersram said the scanner will cost less to use, too. 

“If you have a dog who has a collar, they’ll walk away with a collar,” Lagersgren said.

Lagergren’s scanner is being sold at, and he said the company has a small network of people willing to scan pets for pet owners. 

But Lagersholm said he does want to change the way people buy and use scanners. 

In an age when most pet owners are on social media and Facebook, Lagersummer said pet owners have become used to scanning their pets for money.

“You see a picture on Facebook of the dog and it’s like, ‘Oh, my dog is a f—ing animal,'” Lagersuns said. 

He said pet scan vendors are charging people $40 or $50 for the scan, and that they’re taking a percentage of the sale, but not the scan. 

The pet scan industry is booming in New York, and pet scan shops have been popping up in several communities.

Lagersgren and his wife, Stephanie, said they’ve heard from many pet owners who have told them they prefer the scanning experience.

They said they see an uptick in people buying pets as the year goes on.

“If I see someone coming to our store and they have a puppy or a cat, I’d be happy to scan them,” Lagerstons said.

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