September 2, 2021

Peter Frantz and Petez Buttigeg have developed a plan to end the pain of euthanasia, and their efforts have the Manitoba Government on its heels.

The Manitoba Government is considering an amendment to the legislation that would give the two physicians and their families more rights to end their lives.

The amendment would allow them to take their own lives, as long as they have already undergone an autopsy and they have been declared clinically competent to make that decision.

The province is currently considering a number of proposals to end euthanasia.

“I think the proposal that was proposed yesterday to the minister was one that I would support,” said Dr. Mark McVety, president of the Manitoba Association of Medical Examiners.

“I think that we’ve seen that it is actually quite difficult to do a good euthanasia procedure in the province, it’s really hard.

The whole point of it is to give people the option.”

Dr. Mark McGuey is a physician and the chair of the committee that will hold a public hearing on the province’s plans for ending euthanasia and assisting terminally ill patients.

He says it’s difficult to find doctors who want to end a life when they’re suffering from terminal illnesses.

“They’re often not the best people to do it,” he said.

“There’s some other doctors who are willing to do that, but that’s not a very good number.”

Dr McVathy says if the amendment passes, there will be a very different way of doing euthanasia when the doctors are dead.

“That would probably be very difficult to achieve,” he says.

“But that is something that we are looking at very seriously.”

A ‘no brainer’ to end livesDr McPhee says the proposal will provide a “no brain” option for end-of-life doctors.

“If you were a doctor, would you really want to do the death of a patient?” he said, “because if it’s something you’re trained in that you can do it safely, that would be a no brainer to do.”

A final decision will be made in January.

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