October 13, 2021

Watchdog says the president is ignoring the advice of veterinarians and consumers about pet grooming practices and that it would be “deeply troubling” if Trump did not make the changes.

Trump is making pet grooming a priority for his Cabinet members, according to the National Pet Industry Association, but only after it has already been implemented, and only after the public has seen “serious problems” with it.

“He is clearly being told to ignore advice from veterinarians, pet owners, consumers, and others, and he has chosen not to,” the association said in a statement.

The group says the ban on pet grooming “has the effect of punishing pet owners who use their pets responsibly.”

It says it’s “appalled” by the president’s inaction.

Trump has made pet grooming one of his signature campaign promises.

Pet grooming is already banned in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but Trump has been pushing the ban even further.

He has been accused of “totally failing” to do anything to address the issue.

Watchdog warns Trump could face lawsuits over pet grooming ban Watchdog warned the president could face legal action if he continues to push the ban.

The watchdog said that, if the ban is implemented, “it will likely lead to additional injuries and injuries for pets and people alike.”

Watchdog noted that the US Supreme Court already ruled that “animal welfare must trump the pet owner’s interest in safety and comfort,” and “the courts have repeatedly held that pet grooming laws violate the right to privacy, due process, and equal protection.”

Watchdogs previously slammed the ban as “unconstitutional” in February, saying it would infringe on Americans’ rights to privacy and safety.

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