June 20, 2021

There are many pets alive that could use a little love, like this little one who is so small it could fit in a bathtub, and even if she didn’t she’d probably make a great house pet.

Pete is an Australian pet whose name means “little flower.”

Pete is the smallest dog in Australia, and the world’s smallest cat.

Petes owner, Peter Maravich has a large herd of four different breeds of Australian animals.

Maravichi’s three Australian Shepherd dogs, Pete, Bella and Stella, are among the most beloved pets in Australia.

Maravich told ABC News Australia that he found Pete after a trip to his local pet shop, and asked for an Australian Shepherd to join him for a walk.

Marovich said that when he brought Pete home he discovered that the small dog was very playful.

Petegar is a two-year-old poodle, a type of dog commonly known for their large ears and long tails.

Petefrom the breed, Petefrom can be called the “little Flower.”

Pete, which is the smallest dog in the world, has the highest chance of being rescued from the streets, Maraviches Facebook page said.

Petez is the first Australian dog to be rescued from animal cruelty, according to the Australian Humane Association.

Petee was born with microchips implanted in her left ear.

The chip enables the pet to hear, and she was able to communicate with people using the sound of her paw.

The Australian Humane Alliance said that Petee is a miracle dog, and has a loving and loyal owner.

The group has launched a campaign to raise awareness about animal cruelty in Australia and the need to ensure that pet owners can make a living from their animals, according Toke, the organization’s executive director.

The organization has also launched an app to assist pet owners in finding and adopting animals that need homes.

The app is available for Android, Apple and Windows phones.

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