June 16, 2021

Oklahoma Pets Pets’ Peter Michael Escovedo has his answer for you on whether to pick up your furry best friend, the Canadian Mastiff, or the Australian Shepherd.

Escovedo is the owner of the Oklahoma Pet Adoption Center and runs the Oklahoma Pets’ Craigslist website.

He has more than 1,000 dog breeds listed on the Oklahoma website, and a growing number of people are looking for dog breeds to adopt.

He is also the owner and curator of the Tulsa Pet Adoptions website, which is dedicated to helping pet owners and pet dealers find and purchase the perfect dog.

“There are so many dogs on the market, and you’re going to want to get the breed you like,” Escovedos said.

“The Canadian Mastiffs are really popular in the pet industry because of their versatility.

They can be very quiet, very energetic, very calm, very friendly.”

Escovedos is not a breeder himself, but he does own an Australian Shepherd, and he said he has seen a lot of interest in the breed.

“People love the Canadian Shepherd because of the agility it can get up to,” he said.

“You can take it up in a hurry and the agility is great.

People can get a little bit wild with it.”

A common misconception is that dogs can’t be trusted because they’re always looking for people to give them a home.

But, Escovedas said, “People are often looking for the perfect companion because they feel like the pet is their child.”

Oklahoma Pets’ website includes a section for dog breeders and buyers, which includes information about dogs like the Australian Shar-Pei and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Escovedi said many breeders are looking to get their dogs on Craigslist, or through online auctions, so they can raise funds to get them to a home for adoption.

“We’re always talking to breeders that are interested in selling their dogs,” he explained.

“I think they’re interested in getting the best deal for the dog and making sure they get the best price.”

Oklahomans are going to be busy in the next few weeks, and Escovedes hopes people will be willing to help out and find the right dog for them.

“When people see a dog that they’re looking for, they’re going ‘Oh, that looks nice,'” he said, and people will find their perfect pet.

“We’ve got the right breeders.

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If they don’t, they will look at other dogs and make sure they’re happy.”

Read or Share this story: https://okctahotobes.com/story/news/local/pet-adoption-center-peter-michael-escovedo/97690183/

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