August 26, 2021

PETA is asking pet owners to take a closer look at the following questions and more: Can dogs be trusted to protect their owners from being attacked?

Can pets be vaccinated?

Can they be trained to be trained?

Can the dogs be leashed?

What about noise?

Can a dog wear a harness?

Does a dog need to be under a leash to be a pet?

Is it safe to keep a dog at a pet park or other outdoor location for a short time?

Can dogs wear hats?

Are there enough dogs on a leash?

Can you safely keep a pet at home?

What if you live in a community where dogs are prohibited from living together?

Is there a place for a pet in a city?

Do you need to bring your dog with you to work or school?

Can pet owners keep their pets indoors for the duration of the day?

Can cats and dogs be kept in the same household?

Is a dog in the house safe from predators?

Can your dog be vaccinated and if so, when?

Is the dog a good pet for a younger dog?

Can there be a dog park?

Are dogs allowed in parks?

Are they allowed outside?

Can people in the area have dogs?

Are people allowed to bring their dogs in?

Can animals have a dog?

What is the best way to store your dog?

Do people need to wear protective clothing when they are out?

Is pets allowed to be out in public?

What do you do when your pet runs away?

Is pet ownership a public health issue?

Can we bring pets into an animal shelter?

Can our dogs be adopted?

What happens if a dog is euthanized?

Is euthanasia a public safety issue?

Are you allowed to have your pet euthanased?

Does pet ownership create a danger for your pets?

Do dogs have to be vaccinated for rabies?

Can dog owners be given a license to keep their own dogs?

Can owning a dog lead to higher rates of aggression?

Are pets allowed in zoos?

Does it mean you have to wear a collar to pet shops?

Do pets need to follow your every order?

Do cats have to eat every meal?

Are animals allowed to play together in a yard?

Can an animal be placed in a cage in a public place?

Is your pet allowed to roam free when your dog is out of the house?

Can someone else bring your pet into a zoo?

Do animals have to get vaccinated for tetanus?

Can pregnant women get vaccinated?

Do puppies have to wait for their parents to get to the vet?

Can puppies and kittens be bred?

Are puppies or kittens adopted?

Is an animal in quarantine?

Is rabies contagious?

Can I buy a puppy?

Is vaccinating my dog for tetra?

Does vaccinating a dog make my dog more susceptible to the disease?

Can anyone keep a feral cat?

Is keeping a feral dog a public nuisance?

Can humans live together in one home?

Does that mean you need a license for a dog that doesn’t have a collar?

Can any of my pets live together?

Can other people keep a cat?

Can children live together with pets?

Can siblings live together without their parents?

Does owning a pet make me less of a person?

Do I have to take my pet to the zoo?

Can owners live in separate buildings?

Can my dog be kept indoors in a house?

Are I allowed to keep pets indoors while I work or go to school?

Are pet owners required to wear masks while in public places?

Can kennels be put up?

Can veterinarians be licensed to keep dogs?

Does the law protect pets from certain diseases?

Can breeders sell dogs?

Is dog fighting legal?

Can breeds be kept together?

Do breeders have to sell puppies?

Does your pet need a collar or leash?

Does breeders need to get a license?

Can backyard chickens be kept apart from other chickens?

Does backyard chickens need to receive a permit?

Is outdoor chickens required to get an outdoor permit?

Can feral dogs be put down?

Can wild pigs be kept?

Can deer and coyotes be kept at separate areas?

Does public nuisance laws apply to dogs?

What does the law say about people having pets?

Are all dogs allowed to live in the backyard?

Is this a problem with dogs being bred?

Does this apply to pets living in an area with no dogs?

Do pet owners need to keep them indoors during the day or in a specific area?

Can certain dogs be neutered?

Does being neutered cause problems with allergies?

Is neutering illegal?

Do some dogs require an injection?

Is eating a dog good for you?

Is meat, fish, or meat products allowed at the grocery store?

Is hunting allowed?

Is putting a dog on a farm a public nuisances?

Does eating or riding a dog cause allergies?

Can riding a horse cause a heart attack?

Can carrying a horse on a chain be dangerous?

Can horses be bred if they have a birth defect?

Can breeding dogs cause illness? Can

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