July 28, 2021

I don ‘t want to live in a world where dogs are the only companions we have.

I don t want to go into a world in which the only way to be happy is to have a dog.

I ‘m a dog person.

I like my dogs, I love them.

I ‘m not a dog lover.

I can get emotional when I think about a dog and its life.

It can be so important to me.

My dog is a guide for me, not a toy for me.

I want to make sure that my dog can make it as far as I do.

The last time I saw him was when I was about 13 years old.

I had been in the car when my father went to work and my father was out for a drive.

He was on his way to visit his friend, and he came across the side of the road.

My father had a big grin on his face, because he had never seen his dog like that before.

He said, “Hey, where’s the dog?”

He said to me, “Yeah, he’s right there.”

I was looking at my dad and I said, ‘Dude, he has a dog.’

I just felt a big warm smile on his faces.

It was the first time he ever saw me with a dog before.

My father loved dogs.

He loved dogs so much.

I knew I wanted to be the best dog person I could be, but I also knew that I wanted a dog to make me happy, so I decided to get a dog myself.

I got the puppy that I would call ‘Cobra’ (short for “Cobble”).

The puppy is about five and a half years old, and I knew that it would be hard to keep him safe and cared for in my house.

So, I took him to my home for a week and spent every waking moment together, just being friends with him.

When he finally left for the day, I came home and there he was, sitting on the bed next to me in bed.

It looked like he was a puppy.

It just seemed to me like a really cute puppy.

I said to my husband, “You know what, I want this puppy.”

He was like, “Are you sure?”

And I said yes, because I knew the dog needed to be around people.

I took the puppy to the vet, and she tested him and he passed all the tests.

We took him home and he was healthy, but he had some health problems.

He started eating the same thing over and over again, and it just didn t feel right.

He would get in the house and try to chew stuff, and when he tried to bite me or scratch me, he just wouldn t bite.

So we called the vet and she said, We need to have him put on a crate, and we took him in to her, put him in the crate and he didn t know what to do.

He just stayed in the cage, and every time he tried, it just got worse.

So she was like this, “Well, you know, we have to take him to the veterinarian.

He needs to get an injection of something.”

We took that opportunity to try to get him a shot of something, and they said, No, you don t have to do that.

You can just keep him in his crate.

“So, we got the crate put in and then the vet took him into the house.

She had to take a stool sample every 30 minutes.

The stool sample is a urine sample.

The first time she took it, she got a little bit confused because she had to ask the vet how she knew that he was sick.

And I got really nervous and she took the stool sample and said, Well, that’s a urine, right?

And I just couldn t believe it.

She took the sample, and then she said it was normal.

So now he has been treated, and the dog is doing great.

We have been able to keep the dog healthy and secure.

She even went to his new home and brought him out to go on walks.

We are all excited about his new life and about his freedom.

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