July 8, 2021

After a career in which he starred in movies like The Muppets, Family Ties and The Muppet Show, Fonzie is best known for his roles as Peter Pan and the King Kong in the Disney movies.

But the actor is a huge fan of the show that launched him to stardom.

In fact, Fazio said he had a personal connection to the show from when he was a kid.

“My mother is a showgirl, and I watched that show as a kid,” Fazi told Billboard.

“I have the same reaction to it as anybody else.”

Fonzie has been a fan of Disney movies since he was 4 years old, and even had his own version of The Mummy in the 1990s.

And when he got his own TV show at age 10, Fizi said he thought it would be cool to make a Disney movie about the hero.

“I was very skeptical,” Fizio said.

“And it turned out, it’s a very fun story.”

Fizio is a big fan of The Little Mermaid.

He said he was also a huge Disney fan growing up.

But his love of the Disney franchise doesn’t extend to the movies themselves.

“That’s where my interest really comes in, I guess, with The Little Beauty,” Fonzia said.

Fonzi is one of a handful of actors that have signed on to play roles in Disney movies, including Ben Kingsley in Captain America: Civil War and Jared Leto in Captain Fantastic.

He was also recently cast as the lead in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Cinderella.

Fonzio, who has a son and two daughters, said his passion for the series is mutual.

“The kids love it,” Fitzio said of the movies.

“The older ones I think are like, ‘Oh, it sounds funny, but I’m really into it, I love it.'”

Fonziato, who lives in Chicago, said he doesn’t think it’s hard to find a Disney character that you love.

“It’s like every Disney movie you’ve ever seen,” he said.

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